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Dawn D. Sokol disse...

Hello! I am the author of 1000 Artist Journal Pages, and several doodling books, and I am now working on a follow-up to 1000 AJP and am looking for artists to submit journal or sketchbook pages. I've seen your journal pages on the internet and am wondering if you'd be interested in participating.

Here are the guidelines:

Abrams/STC Craft is a quality publisher of fine craft books including sewing, knitting, and art journaling.

The Book
We are seeking project contributors for an upcoming book tentatively titled A World of Artist Journal Pages. The book will feature pages of artists journals created by all kinds of artists.

What is Eligible
Projects should be artist journal pages that are bound into a journal or book or created to be bound in a journal or book. Pages can use any media and/or found elements and include text, illustration, collage, sketches, etc.

We are seeking the following kinds of journal pages:
• Sketched or doodled pages
• More is More: using a wide variety of mediums, with images and text
• Collaborative: projects that are considered round robins or worked on by more than one person
• Graphic approach: Emphasis on text as art
• Raw journals: Edgy, truthful and extreme visual journaling
• Mixed media: Using paper, paint, and/or fiber materials for construction
• The found journal: using mainly found materials
• The experimental journal: pages that are considered experiments (such as sketches, painted work, notes, etc.) for work outside of the journal

What to Send
Please email a SMALL jpg photograph (under 1 MB) of your piece to the curator/author Dawn DeVries Sokol; contact information is listed below. There is no entry fee, and you may submit as many pages as you like. Please include your complete contact information in the email. Pages must have been created no earlier than January 2012 and may not have been previously published in print format, (i.e., magazines or books). Pages published on a blog or on social media sites are acceptable.

You will be notified if your pieces are selected for final publication at which point you will need to send professional quality high-resolution files via Dropbox or YouSendIt. These may be high-quality scans or photos. (Electronic Submission Guidelines will be provided at that time.) Pieces will be selected for publication by Sept. 30.

Contributors will need to sign a Grant of Rights form, and will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire concerning their work and creative process. Contributors will be credited on the page where their work appears and in the artist directory.

If your entry is selected, it will be printed in full color with a caption describing what mediums and/or techniques were used. We may also select several artists to be “featured” on their own spread, with a grouping of their journal pages and a short biography.

Please Send Initial Submissions to: or

For more information, please contact:
Dawn DeVries Sokol by e-mail at or

Sept. 3, 2013
Though selections will begin immediately so don't wait!

Thanks for your consideration!


Dawn DeVries Sokol